Whatever brought you to this blog, I’m happy that you’re here. I hope you’ll find something funny or comforting or heartwarming or encouraging—or all of the above. If a story moves you or makes you laugh, feel free to share your comments.

A little bit about myself: I’m a retired teacher-turned-humor writer. Actually, I have been writing humor since the age of eight, when I discovered that I could avoid getting bullied by making my tormentors laugh. That strategy still works for me.

Two years ago, I convinced an editor at Mahoning Matters to publish my humor column. He even agreed to pay me for it! Go figure. I’ll share some of these columns with you, along with human interest stories, scenes from my own family life, and thoughts on grandparenting. I might even throw in a recipe now and then.

Welcome to Mimi’s world!

Everything is Sweeter in Mimi’s Kitchen!